Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Our Song

Olive died for a little less than three minutes following a car accident. When she awakes in a hospital - her world has drastically changed. Three weeks later, she's beginning to understand.

Her mother no longer trusts her. Her boyfriend never came to the hospital to check up on her. The only people standing by her are her best friend and her younger brother. People talk about her at school. She can't sleep.

Her mother believes she needs to talk to a professional. She decides to travel outside her area to attend a Near Death Society support group. It's weirder than she ever imagined, but that's where she meets Nick.

Nick makes her feel things. The more time she spends with him, the better she feels. She might be neglecting her best friend and making her parents unhappy, but she's trying to find herself. Should she try to fall back in line or make her own path?
My Thoughts: I loved this book - I loved unraveling Olive's story and the layers of relationships. I liked the relationship between Olive and Annie. I like how Annie supported Olive, but wasn't afraid to tell her the truth. I enjoyed the side story of Annie's photography and Olive learning to like taking pictures.  Nick and Olive's relationship is adventurous, soul-searching, and sweet. I like how Olive's parents and her understanding of them changed throughout her journey. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute, but doesn't match the book, which is darker.
Source: My Library

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Jessica said...

This one sounds intriguing...and I loved Forget You...may have to read this one eventually. :)