Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Killer Honeymoon

*Savannah Reid Series #18*
Savannah and Dirk finally have a moment of peace and quiet to themselves after a crazy time getting married. Now they're spending their honeymoon on an island. Savannah gets a note from Ryan and John. They've book Savannah and Dirk a cottage and lighthouse for their romantic vacation.

On the first trip up to the lighthouse, Savannah notices a woman racing down the beach. Immediately her curiosity kicks in.

She convinces Dirk to go investigate with her. They hear her scream followed by bullet shots. Savannah goes towards the woman while her husband heads towards the trees where the gun was fired. The woman dies in Savannah's arms, bringing back painful memories for her.

Neither Savannah nor Dirk are impressed with police procedure following the death. When Savannah recognizes the woman as a TV anchor, who's death is deemed an accidental drowning, she vows to uncover the truth behind her murder.
My Thoughts: I really adore this mystery series. I love the characters and the banter between them. I love reading about Savannah's family. Even though their past wasn't pleasant, they found love with their grandmother. I was happy to learn more about Dirk's family life, even though, he too had a rough childhood. I can't wait to learn more about his family. Even though the two were on their honeymoon, they seem to have a hard time relaxing. The island seemed charming, ideal for a honeymoon or a vacation. I liked reading about the politics of the island. I'm interested to see how the series will change now that Dirk and Savannah are married.

Cover Thoughts: Fun
Source: My Library

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