Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Mountain Dog

 * This book comes out in August*

Tony's mom has gone to jail, forcing him to stay with family he's never known - a great-uncle. Tony's not sure what to think, but he didn't like his previous life. He still has nightmares.

On the mountain, he learns that not all dogs are bad. Gabe, his uncle's rescue dog, is nothing compared to the mean pitt-bulls his mother used to make fight. Gabe loves to work-play. He loves learning new tricks, being in the wilderness, and most of all, he's curious about Tony.

Tony starts to feel a purpose and to think of his future. He begins to blossom - getting involved at school, writing a blog, and helping to train the other rescue dogs. 

My Thoughts: The free verse makes this book a fast read and also allows for vivid imagination of the setting. I love the alternative perspectives from Tony and Gabe. I love Gabe's view of Tony and how Tony changes over their time together. I love how Tony's scared and unsure of himself, but little by little he begins to blossom and find his place in this new chapter of his life. I love the fact that he writes a blog - about Gabe and about rescuing animals. I found the rescue parts fascinating! A fantastic book for tweens who love animals!

Cover Thoughts: I love the idea, but I would have liked to see a photograph
Source: from the publisher

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