Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Dualed

West lives in a society that only wants the best and brightest to survive. So when couples want children, they're forced to pair up with two other parents. Two children are created with DNA from all four parents. Each parent takes home a child to raise.  Somewhere between the 10th and 20th birthday, the pair becomes activated. They then have one month to locate and kill their Alternate. If they both fail, they are simultaneously destroyed.

West's world goes into a downward spiral when she accidentally gets her brother killed. Now she's the last one left of her family. Her brother's best friend has promised to protect her, but since his Alt killer her brother, she can't look at him without feeling guilt and pain.

West does something crazy in order to survive - in order to feel something. She thinks that it will help with her training, for when she becomes activated. When the time comes, she wrestles with that question. Is she the best version?
My Thoughts: I love the concept of this book - it's definitely dark. West was strong, insecure, and sometimes made the wrong choices. In a way, she reminded me of Katniss. There were times when I wanted to ask what was going through her head - except that I knew and while I understood her thought process, I didn't agree with all her decisions. The opening sequence broke my heart, but it sets the tone for the book. I really liked Chord and how he tries to pull West our of her grief. I loved the moments between West and Dess. A great character driven novel with action, death, and a terrifying ending. Dualed is an engrossing debut novel that makes me want the sequel Divided

Cover Thoughts: LOVE
Source: My Library

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