Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Destiny Rewritten

Emily's mother often retells the story of her naming, how she was named after Emily Dickinson while looking in at a book in a bookstore, and how she knew her daughter would write poetry- just like her namesake.  Emily's kept that book close to her. Her mother wrote down all her life's progress besides fitting poems.

Emily doesn't like to write poetry. She's not interested in it. She's more interested in happy endings. When an accident causes her to misplace her book, she worries about finding it. Mostly Emily worries about her destiny. Is she in control of her own destiny?

What will happen to her future? After talking with her best friend, her cousin, and her mother, Emily decides to attempt to change the way she makes decisions. If she changes, will the book come back to her? And  can she change her future?

My Thoughts: I loved this book. I really liked the concept behind it - can we change our Destiny. I like how Emily searches for her lost book -even though she wants to change her Destiny. I like how much the book means to her and what it could mean for her future. I love how Emily wishes and requires happy endings. I love that she write Danielle Steel letters. I love that she gets a response from these letters. I loved the ending of the book - powerful and obviously happy.

Cover Thoughts: Brilliant.
Source: My Library

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