Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Recipe for Treason

 * 3rd book in the series*

Lady Arianna Hadley and her husband, the Earl of Saybrook travel to Scotland in the cold. Neither of the want to go, but they've received orders from Grentham. Duty to the Crown comes before anything else. 

On the way there, a group ambushes the coach. Arianna, Saybrook, and Henning (their Scottish doctor ally) walk away, but not without suspicion. There appears to be a leak in the office. They're looking for a clue related to chemistry and a weapon.

It's rumored that Napoleon's determined to escape Elba and return to power - with the help of his elusive spy The Renard. They learn all they can from Scotland and rush back to London. There they must dangle through society, searching for clues to uncover the spies and make sure a powerful weapon doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

My Thoughts: I love this series - for the Regency Era, the unconventional romance, the tidbits on chocolate and baked goods, and the many disguises of Lady Arianna Hadley. Arianna's a master of disguises and her ability to transform always impresses me. I like her fierce ways that are so out of character with society. I love learning more about her background and how she survived her childhood. I like her banter with Saybrook. A delicious addition to the series!

Cover Thoughts: Great!
Source: My Library

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