Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adult Review: Starting Now

* Book 9 in the Blossom Street Series, but you could read this separately *

For years, Libby Morgan's been working her butt off hoping to make partner. When her boss calls her into his office, she never expected to be fired. He even told her to carve out a life for herself. She vows to find a job by the end of the day...but four months later, she's still looking for work.

She's decided to join a gym to get rid of the late night ice cream pounds and convinces her lawyer friend Robin to join her. Libby starts knitting again after visiting a yarn store on Blossom Street. After knitting several hats, she joins two teens in their trip donating them to the local hospital. 

There she's asked to volunteer to rock the babies. At first, it's awkward, but soon, Libby comes to love it. She's softening around the edges. While she's still looking for work, she's finding out more and more about herself. She has friends in Robin, Lydia (who owns the knitting shop), Lydia's daughter Casey and her friend Ava, and a doctor at the hospital. Could getting fired be the best thing that ever happened to her?

My Thoughts: Even though I knew it was coming, my heart broke of Libby in the beginning of the book. I enjoyed watching her discover a life outside of work. She blossomed into a well-rounded and wonderful person. It was just the type of book I needed to read as I too tend to let work consume me. I love the Blossom Street series for the blend of generations of characters, second chances, and a time to fall in love again. I wish these places and characters were real so could visit them!

Cover Thoughts: Cute - I love the yarn
Source: My Library

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Amanda said...

That sounds that a cute read...I may have to read it. Then I will bring it in to my ladies in the knitting group! I do love the cover of this book, too.