Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: 13-story Treehouse

 * Out April 16th*

Alex and Terry live in an amazingly cool treehouse - 13 stories complete with a lemonade fountain, marshmallow shooter, a see through swimming pool, and of course a library. Together they create books. Alex writes them, while Terry illustrates them.

They get a call from their editor - their latest book is overdue. The bad news - they've barely started it. With a deadline looming, Alex tries really hard to get Terry to concentrate. Who can concentrate on drawing when sea monkeys turn into sea monsters disguised as a mermaid, a giant gorillas comes to visit, or the bubblegum machine gives them too much gum?

My Thoughts: Perfect for readers of Diary of the Wimpy Kids series - lots of action combined with fun drawings create a book that's hard to put down. I loved that the boys were writing and illustrating a book - or were trying to accomplish this task. I really liked the illustrations by Denton. I loved the tree house with the great rooms. Of course I'm partial to the library, but I wouldn't mind a lemonade fountain. I laughed at the crazy ideas - and there were lots of crazy ideas. I read this in one sitting.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: from the publisher

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