Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Ten Books

This week is a rewind. I'm choosing Top Ten Books I Want To Reread. I have a hard time re-reading books unless it's for a book club. There are SO many books that I want to read that i'ts hard to take the time to re-read something. Sometimes that's a problem in series books because I forget what happened previously. Usually instead of re-reading multiple books, I stop reading the series, which I hate! Part of it, I think is I don't want to the series to end. Either way, I need to get better at re-reading. 

Secrets of the Immortal Life of Nicholas Flamel: I really love this series, but when I started reading The Warlock, I couldn't remember what happened before. I want to re-read the first four books and then read the last two.

Percy Jackson: I read the first three and LOVED them. The fourth book came out and I didn't snag it first. Then too much time went by and I forgot most of what happened earlier. 

Song of Ice and Fire series: My husband and I have been reading Dance of Dragons forever...he reads them aloud and it seems we never carve out time for it. I also forget things that came before, so he spends time recounting the details that I've forgotten.


molly wetta said...

I have issues re-reading too, but hate when I feel like I've forgotten details in a series when I go to finish it. My husband has ended up inadvertently reading Game of Thrones aloud to me as he is re-reading them, which I guess saves me from having to actually commit to reading them and gives me enough context to appreciate the show.

Read Write Reviews said...

Game of Thrones is such a huge series. I've only read book one and that's intimidating enough. I have the next two waiting to be read though. Also the Percy Jackson books are amazing, the last one is the best! Happy Reading!

My Top Ten!

Lynette said...

You DEFINITELY should go back and read the whole Percy Jackson series... they're truly amazing!

My Top Ten.

~Lynette @ Escaping Reality – One Book at a Time

Anonymous said...

I am planning on picking up Percy Jackson this summer for a fall blogging project. I have heard good things about so I am excited about it! As for GoT..those books scare me (the length not the content!)