Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: The Colossus Rises

 * start of a new series*

Jack doesn't know it yet, but he only has a few months left to live - he has a rare genetic disorder.  His father's away on business halfway around the world and his au pair just quit. While running away from a bully, he runs out into the street, where's he's hit by car. Jack wakes up in an institution.

There Jack learns about his genetic disorder - the one that's going to kill him. He also learns there might be a way to live. If he works with others like him to find seven magic loculi - those elements that when combined will cure him.

He's not sure who to trust, but he know he doesn't want to die. Now, he's attempting to figure out the mysteries of Atlantis and the location of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Can history really save him?

My Thoughts: A thrilling new start to an action packed series filled with danger, adventure, and pure fun! The Colossus Rises is the perfect book for readers of the 39 Clues series or the Infinity Ring series or Percy Jackson series. Seven Wonders series combines the thrill of danger with history, making the book exiting. I liked learning about the Colossus. I really liked Jack - he was funny, a prankster, a MacGyver type character. A super fun book that I devoured and tweens will gobble up!

Cover Thoughts: Cool
Source: Won a signed ARC on Twitter

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Unknown said...

Glad to hear it was good - I picked this one up without even seeing what it was about because it reminded me of Percy Jackson. Great review!