Friday, March 29, 2013

Rules of Summer

* Comes out in early June - Look for this one!*

Rory needs to get escape her mother and her mother's new boyfriend. She finds the perfect summer getaway -working for the employers of her aunt in the Hamptons. She's going to be their errand girl. As soon as she steps off the train, she realizes that she's been transported into another world.

A world where the staff and the family don't mix. She's been warned not to mix with the family and to stay out of their way. After her first night where she spills sauce on Isabel's dress, she believes it. But there's something about Isabel.

Isabel Rule isn't sure where she belongs. She spent a year in California and feels out of touch in the Hamptons. She hates the catty behavior, the gossip, and the obsession with money. Isabel starts hanging out with Mike, a boy from town.

She needs help sneaking out to see Mike and it looks like befriend Rory just might be the answer. Two girls from different worlds for a friendship over the summer that will forever change them.

My Thoughts: The perfect summer book and the start of a new series! It's a mix of Judy Blume's Summer Sisters and the Melissa de la Cruz's Au Pairs series. A fantastic novel about finding yourself and what you're made of. I loved the feel of this book, I devoured it. Both have a summer romance that changes them and puts their friendship in a whole new light.  I loved how the friendship grew between Isabel and Rory - how horrible it started, but little by little, they began to understand each other and appreciate the other.  Put this on your to-read list, you don't want to miss it!!

Cover Thoughts: Very Summery! Love the feel
Source: ARC from the publisher
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