Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: The Prom Book

The Good: A fun filled book of lots of great ideas ranging from planning your prom night to asking the right boy to scheduling your day to hosting a prom party. Metz talks about going to a salon, but she also gives several suggestions on hair styles, make-up tips, and manicure to create at home. There's a great section on budgeting, how to earn money, and what to spend money on. Workout to get in shape, staying safe on prom night, and how to capture lasting memories round out the book. Lots of great and important information mixed with bright pictures make this a book teens will pick up. A book to make prom a relaxing night and important tips to get away from all the drama.

The Bad: Not a great book for libraries as there is room for writing down their thoughts and bulletin board style for pictures of dresses.

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