Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Spies and Prejudice

** Comes out in June - put this one on your list!!!**

Strawberry Fields (Berry) works for her father - who's a private investigator. She and her BFF Mary Chris Moss (they bonded in elementary school over weird names) are at a stakeout when they meet the boys.

While Mary ogles Ryan, Berry overhears Tanner make a snide remark about her. When the boys come over to talk to the girls, Berry isn't friendly. She just wants to get the job done. She leaves when she snaps the photo she needs.

Out in the parking lot, she spies Mare's father meeting a woman. The stranger hands him papers along with a warning. Berry's confused and snaps pictures, just in case. At home, she enlarges the photographs and discovers her mother's name on the papers. Her mom's been dead for eight years.

Berry can't let it go. She wants to know what happened to her mother. Was her death an accident? Was she murdered? Was it suicide? How far will she go to uncover the truth and why does Tanner and the new  boy at school Drew keep meeting her at every turn?

My Thoughts: I'm addicted to anything Pride and Prejudice related. The tagline for this book is Pride and Prejudice meets Veronica Mars. But honestly, the title sold me already!

I loved this book - both for the both the Pride and Prejudice angle and the private investigator angle.  I felt bad for Berry as her discovery reopens wounds from her mother's death. The death made her grow up quickly as her father went into a shell. Now they have a strange relationship as Berry's been making her own decisions for years. During the most important time of her life, Berry isn't sure who to trust with her dangerous secrets. 

Her father warns her to stop digging into the past. Berry doesn't listen. The choices she makes puts everyone she cares about into danger. The suspense, danger, action,  and romance makes this book hard to put down.

I hope this is the start of a new series!

Cover Thoughts: I like it, the ARC has red instead of purple. I think both colors are good - they make the cover pop.
Source: ARC received for review

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