Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Indigo Spell

 *Third book in the Bloodlines series*

Sydney's attending a wedding, to show that relations between the Moroi and the Alchemists are improving. At the wedding, she takes great lengths to hide her feelings and her true relationship with Adrian. Among her peers, Sydney tries to blend into the background.

Already, her questions have raised some eyebrows. When Sydney realizes that  she's been lied to, she takes matters into her own hands. She tracks down the elusive Marcus Finch.

 She learns what he knows -and isn't happy. Will his information change her path? Between uncovering the truth and tracking down a magical killer, Sydney doesn't have a lot of free time to decide her fate.
My Thoughts: I'm SUCH a fan of this series. I'm even like Adrian. I didn't like him from the previous books, but now...he's captured my interest. I really enjoy this group of characters and their chemistry together. I love their loyalty to each other and how they've grown as friends - despite their pasts. 

I loved watching Sydney uncover more information about the Alchemists and their history. She's a very strong character - fiercely determined, loyal, and brilliant. However, I admit waiting for the chinks in her armor to appear.  I liked watching her struggle with her feelings and with her sense of duty.  I adored Jill for stepping in when she did. I felt horrible for Eddie - I hope to see more of him in the next book.

I found the magical subplot intriguing. Mrs Terwilliger is smart, crafty, and powerful. I like her interactions with Sydney. She's good at poking holes in Sydney's preconceived thoughts. 

Clearly, I love watching Sydney grow as a character with the help of the secondary characters. All in all, a fabulous read filled with action, danger, and romance!

Cover Thoughts: Still not a fan.
Source: My Library.

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