Monday, March 11, 2013

Teen Tech Week

Happy Teen Tech Week!

I don't use technology often with my teens because we don't have a computer lab available. We have several teen computers, where they come in to use for school work or more likely play on Facebook. I try to have technology programs where they have to do something and then turn it it or email me the results. Sometimes it introduces them to new technologies. 

This week, I'm hosting a contest for teens at the library:

Hermoine GrangerCreate an outfit for your favorite book character. Use (a free site) to create an outfit. Share it with Jennifer via the Otis Library facebook page, the Otis Library Pinterest page, or email the link to Share the outfit with Jennifer before Saturday 3/16 at 3 pm to be entered into a drawing for an iTunes gift card.
Check out our pinterest page for inspiration:

There are times when contests work really well at my library, and times when no one enters. I hope this week it's one of those times that works really well! How are you celebrating Teen Tech Week?

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