Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Also Known As

Maggie's never had a normal life. She travels with her spy parents - helping them break into safes all over the world. She hasn't met a safe she can't crack. Upon finishing their assignment in Iceland, they're headed to New York.

There, Maggie discovers that she's earned her first solo mission. She's to attend a local high school and befriend a boy. She needs to get inside Jesse Oliver's house and steal a computer file, which contains an article of the Collective - including a list of operative's names. There's a mole within the Collective and Maggie can't fail to recover the information.

On her first day, she meets Roux. Roux is a snarky know-it-all social outcast. Maggie meets Jesse Oliver by chance on the street and babbles about her Halloween costume to recover from a situation. Now she needs to make her plan come true. And it does - in an odd sort of way.

Halloween night changes her world -she attends her first high school party, talks to her mark, kisses a boy, and steals a flash drive. With a fantastic night, what could go wrong now?

My Thoughts: I LOVED this book - lots of action, danger, snarky friends, and romance. I loved learning the trade secrets and about the Collective. I found Angelo charming, funny, and a great character. I loved Roux for her snappy snarky ways, but I also felt bad for her too. Maggie finally gets to have a chance at a normal life - something she's been longing for, but something that shifts her parents' attention. They start to worry about her, creating rules. Maggie goes from breaking into safes in dangerous situations to fighting about curfews. I like how Maggie explores her new freedom and experiences firsts in teenage years. I love Maggie's flirty interactions with Jesse. I'm so hoping this is the start of a new spy/thriller series! 

Cover Thoughts: LOVE
Source: My Library
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