Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Going Going Ganache

*Official Release Date: April 3nd*

**Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series #5 **
Melanie and Angie unintentionally start a food fight during a photo shoot for the magazine. They ruin the shoot - not to mention anger the magazine staff. In order to make amends, the head honcho  decides that he admires the Fairy Tale Cupcakes staff loyalty.

He wants the bakery to host a week long boot camp where they will churn out 1,000 cupcakes for a charity event at the end of the week. From the beginning, there are problems - the staff doesn't get along. They would rather be anywhere but in the bakery.

When Mel discovers a body of one of their own - the attitude changes a little. Now more than ever, they want to uncover the culprit. Could someone on staff be a murderer?

My Thoughts: I really enjoy this series - it's a delicious read. I adored the cupcake fight between Mel, Marty, and Angie and their arch rival. I enjoyed the new characters and their fights. Plus, I loved having an insider look at a magazine and what putting an issue out entails. The book brings up work ethics and bullying in the workplace.

Lots of emotions running through this installment, making my heart ache. I felt horrible for Mel and her emotional block. I was nervous and anxious for Tate - and then happy, but confused. I love finding out more about Tate's family background and meeting his parents. I loved seeing a softer side of Angie. All three of them face major life changes.

I gobbled up this book, which ends on a cliff hanger, leaving me breathless for more!

Cover Thoughts: Great!
Source: Sent  an ARC from the author

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