Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adult Review: Catch of the Day

Maggie never picks the right guys. Her first serious boyfriend dumped her in front of the whole town when he brought home another woman. Her second massive crush was on a man who came into her diner. She told everyone about him...only to find out that he was a priest.

It certainly made things interesting around town. She's half mortified and half non-nonchalant over it. It could have happened to anyone. As the year passes, she has a few horrific first dates. She envies the life of her twin - her happiness in marriage and her child. Maggie just wants what Christy has. Her mother's nagging doesn't help either.

Then Maggie's rescued by a loner. Malone doesn't talk much. He gets straight to the point. He's gruff, but he has a softer side. Maggie finds herself drawn to him. Could he be Mr. Right?

My Thoughts: Equally funny and sweet, I couldn't out this book down. I loved the small town charm, where it's hard to keep a secret from anyone. I really liked Maggie - she's quirky. Her thoughts just tumble out of her mouth, sometimes before she thinks about what she's saying. I felt her pain and her longing for a different life, but I also liked how she could be a tower of strength. 

I found Malone funny as the strong silent type of New England man. I liked watching the chemistry between them spark and build. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute - I like this updated cover. It's captures the idea of the book, but it's not how I imaged either character.
Source: ILL
Side Note: There's a moment in the story where I cried and cried.

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