Friday, December 24, 2010

Ten Things: Birthday Celebrations

Since it's my birthday and because I think Christmas is the most magical time of year. It might be because my birthday falls on the day before. With all the snow and the presents and the cookies, it's just the best week of the year. My family's always made a huge deal of my birthday. It was a hard time for birthday parties, though I do remember a few. Here's some of the my birthday memories.

30 days til 30 - posting of pictures on facebook by my mother. Some awesome pictures, pictures that I don't remember seeing, and some in that awkward embarrassing stage.
Hershey - My husband and I decided that instead of exchanging birthday gifts, we would take trips. My present a few years ago was a trip to Hershey park. It was a little bit before Christmas so the decorations were up, it was beautiful. We learned lots about Milton Hershey and chocolate, sampled lots of chocolate, bought unique gifts, and just had a blast.
Sixteen candles - for my 16th birthday, 16 candles lit up the room
21st birthday - my sister was in Wales getting her Masters. It was the first Christmas I didn't see her. It was horrible and I hated not having her there. But, I remember having drinks with my parents, including one she sent for the occasion called Dragon's Fire.
Birthday Sleigh Ride: my boyfriend (future husband) took my on a sleigh ride on my birthday. It was romantic, wonderful, and adventurous as he realized afterward that he locked his keys in the car.
Cookie decorating - this was an event at my birthday party in 5th grade. I loved it. Not everyone did...but I thought it was awesome. I love decorating sugar cookies
Year of the dogs - Each year for Christmas I begged for a dog. It was all I wanted. Instead, combined with Christmas and my birthday, I got 5 stuffed animals - all dogs. I thought it was awesome.
Sick: I seem to remember canceling a birthday party due to sickness - maybe the chicken pox or maybe strep throat. It was horrible.
This year for my birthday, we went to see the Boston Celtics play. We hadn't seen them since the Big Three came to be. Even though my favorite play (Rondo) was hurt, it was still fun and they did win, but it wasn't an amazing game.
Birthday Treats: each year, my family creates an amazing dessert - some I've been wanting to test and some are tried and true favorites. I had a lemon jelly roll, 3D tree, lemon pie, and lots of chocolate goodies. I wonder what this year will bring. *mouth waters*

* I wanted to grab some pictures from the past, but it's not working...*

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Jessica said...

Sounds like you've had some awesome birthdays! I'm totally jealous of the romantic sleigh ride. *le sigh