Thursday, December 2, 2010

Adult Review: Holiday Affair

Karina's determines to make this Christmas magical for herself and most importantly her three children. It's the first holiday season since the divorce. She's so worried about them.

When the opportunity arises for a free vacation at The Christmas House B&B, she jumps at the chance. Sure, she'll have to evaluate the B&B for her sister, but it will be worth the quaint holiday experience.

She and the kids head from sunny California to cold snowy Michigan where they meet Reid and his daughters. Together they share a Christmas they'll never forget.

My Thoughts: A cute holiday romance read. It dove a little too fast into the romance for me. I loved the sabotage parts and how they solved all the issues that popped up. I loved how the kids interacted with each other and Karina and Reid.

Cover Thoughts: Cute cover, but it doesn't match the book. I wish it had a picture of the B&B on it. I know there are tons of books with houses on the cover, but I just feel like this doesn't match at ALL.

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