Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Two teens alone at Christmas in New York City - discover a new world.

Lily's parents went on vacation without her at her favorite time of year. Her grandfather left for Florida. Her brother's supposed to be watching her. He's in love. So in order to get her out of her shell, he writes down a set of instructions for a boy in a notebook and leaves the notebook in The Strand.

Dash finds the notebook and unravels the clues. Instead of playing along, he adds a dare to the notebook.

Lily sees the notebook for the first time and responds.

Chaos ensues. Dares are followed. Inner most thoughts reveal. Dash and Lily come to understand each other - on paper. Should they ever meet and see if they mesh in real life?

My Thoughts: I loved this book. What a great romance, but it's much more than a romance. Which is why for me, it wasn't a quick read. There was so much depth to the novel - the exchange of revealing thoughts, the pop-culture references, the book references, the obscure references that I probably didn't understand. I loved the dares: especially the one involving Santa Claus. I loved the exchange of the notebook. I loved the idea of Jane Austen thumb-wresting. I loved how the first meeting was terrible and the second meetings was hilarious. I laughed, I sighed with happiness, and I wanted my own Dash.

Cover Thoughts: Adorable! I love the heart-shaped snowflakes and the street signs.

Source: My Library

Fun Fact: I met the authors last week at R.J. Julia's. They were charming and hilarious. I cried from laughing several times. They were sweet enough to pose for a READ poster for me. Here's the creation:

Matt de la Pena was also there. He also posed for me - check out his poster.

Challenge: Holiday Reading Challenge


Liz. R said...

The cover is so pretty! I'd read it just for that, but thanks for the review. This sounds like a really sweet, Christmassy read :).

LM Preston said...

Aww, I love Holiday themed reading! Thanks for sharing the review and Happy Holiday's to you!

Jessica said...

I have to eventually get my hands on this book...hmmm...maybe I'll treat myself to the "Nookbook" for Christmas. :)

Unknown said...

I really, really enjoyed this one, when I read it a few weeks ago!