Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: The Haunted

*Spoilers: If you haven't read The Hollow, don't read this review*

Abbey's recovering from her broken heart and nervous breakdown after learning the truth about Caspian. She relocates to her aunt's house, but is called back to Sleepy Hollow for a bridge dedication she must deliver in her dead BFF's honor.

Abbey isn't sure she can handle everything, especially when she sees Caspian for the first time. It's a relief to know she's not crazy. Soon, she's spending her summer scooping ice cream, studying science with Ben so she passes Chemistry, and hanging out with Caspian.

There's one moment where she thinks funny and sweet Ben could become something more than just a friend. Is he interested in her? It doesn't really matter because she can't stopping thinking about Caspian. Is she falling in love with a ghost? Could her destiny involve a dangerous life turn?

My Thoughts: I really loved this dark tale with humor, heartbreak, and a undeniable love between two people. It continues with the first book perfectly and I can't wait to read the conclusion with The Hidden. I love reading about the perfume. As Abbey unravels more and more about Caspian, she unravels more about her own future. I love watching her world change and be entwined in the Sleepy Hollow Legend. I absolutely LOVE hearing about the plans for her store. It sounds absolutely perfect to me.

Cover Thoughts: I love it - it's dark and mysteries and ties in well with the book.

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