Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adult Review: Mrs. Miracle

Both Seth and Reba can't stand the Christmas holidays due to tragedies in both their lives.

Seth's wife died leaving behind twin boys. For the past several years, the boys have been living with their grandparents. Now, the boys have come home. Seth isn't sure how to go about raising them. His job requires tons of hours, which leaves the boys with a housekeeper. All of the housekeepers have quit. It's beginning to look hopeless until Mrs. Miracle shows up on his doorstep.

Betrayed by love, Reba isn't sure how to go about handling the Christmas season. She refuses to talk with her sister or even be in the same room with her. This makes dinner at her parent's house hard to plan. All she knows is that she can't forgive her sister.

Can Seth and Reba learn to trust in the magic of Christmas once again?

My Thoughts: I love Christmas books and I'm a huge Debbie Macomber fan so this was a perfect read. It's actually the first book - the second book Call Me Mrs. Miracle came out this year. I read that book without knowing about the first. Even though I'm very particular about the order in which I read books, in this case, it didn't matter. Both books are sweet, light-hearted and full of the wonder of Christmas. I enjoyed how both adults look a hard look at their lives to see what might be missing.

Cover Thoughts: This is a new cover - a bit different than the one I read, but it's lovely. I'm a sucker for Christmas covers

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