Monday, December 6, 2010

Adult Review: Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

Mark Nolan never thought about being a father until one rainy night, his sister died in a car accident. Now, he's a father to six year old Holly. Ever since the accident Holly hasn't said a word. Mark isn't sure how to reach her, but he knows that he'll do anything to protect her and make her smile again.

He bullies his brother into letting them live in his fixer-upper. The three of them start adjusting to their new situation. One day in town, Holly and Mark walk into the local toy store. There they meet Maggie who believes in Magic. Although she's struggling from her own heartbreak, she might have some to share.

My Thoughts: I loved this Christmas tale. My heart when out to all the characters who made me smile and laugh, but who also tugged at my heartstrings. I would love tales about the other two brothers.

Cover Thoughts: I Love this cover. I love the blend of Christmas with landscapes - simply beautiful.

Source: My library


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LM Preston said...

Aww, stories like this make my heart flutter around the holidays. Thanks for the review.