Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tween Tuesday: This Totally Bites

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Emma-Rose Paley is the odd ball in the family. She hates pastels and loves black. She hates the sunshine and loves gloomy weather. When her mother invites her great-aunt Margo to help out with an exhibit at the Natural History Museum, Margo comes to town for the opening Gala.

Finally, Emma-Rose finds a kindred spirit or so she thinks. She wanders into the guest room late one night and discovers something that makes her skin crawl and makes her questions everything.

Could great-aunt Margo be a vampire? Emma-Rose researches the possibility and discovers that not only it might be possible, but Emma-Rose could be a fledgling herself.

My Thoughts: A spooky read filled with vampires, wild imaginations, best friends, boy drama, and a dance. I loved reading about Emma-Rose and her family. I loved the relationship between her and Henry. I loved how Emma-Rose took charge of the dance and made it something spectacular. And also how she inspired others to stand up too.

Cover Thoughts: I love how it captures the book. The outfit Emma-Rose wears to school one day - expressing her goth/punk style. I love the cityscape in the background along with the moon and the bats flying. It's mysterious, unique, and very cool.

Source: Inter-Library Loan

Fun Facts: Ruth Ames is actually YA author extraordinaire Aimee Friedman


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