Monday, December 27, 2010

Review: Snow Globe

One snow globe changes the lives of three women. Kylie finds the antique snow globe in a shop during a girls' weekend. She's been having the worst luck lately. Her boyfriend dumped her for her sister. She doesn't have a job. Kylie will do anything to change her life around. When she hears the story behind the snow globe, she knows she has to purchase it. Maybe it can change her luck.

When she brings it home, she can see something different inside. There's a different toy store. With a little bit of research, she hunts down the very same toy store and goes there the next weekend.

Kylie meets a the new owner. He makes her smile. Could her luck finally be turning?

My Thoughts: This is billed as a novel - when in actuality it's three short stories intertwined together. While I enjoyed reading their stories, I felt cheated. I wanted more. I wanted to know more about the relationship, more about the change of heart, more about the new friendship formed.

Cover Thoughts: a pretty Christmas cover - but has little to do with the book.

Source: My Library

Challenge: Holiday Reading Challenge

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