Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: Shadow of the Moon

Hayden is different from the rest of the werewolf shifter pack. She has the ability to sense powerful feelings from her pack around her. She can't see the future or know who experiences the feelings, but her gift torments her.

She's spent most of her childhood away from her home at boarding school where she can blend with humans and be at peace. However, the time of her changing draws near and she must return home to chose a mate. Hayden has no desire to chose a mate, to become so close to one person would make her head explode.

She creeps away in one night after she's threatened by a creature who steals souls. Content working for a coffeehouse on a mountain, she knows the elders will send someone for her. She never expected Daniel and she never expected to care for him...

My thoughts: The 4th book in the Dark Guardian series is still addicting and full of danger, romance, and friendship.

The Cover: Eye-Catching

Source: my Library

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Jessica said...

So excited to read this one! can't wait for our library to finish processing this one!