Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Broadway Lights

Kaitlyn's leaving for New York City and ready to make her Broadway debut. She's not happy about leaving her boyfriend behind for so long, but she's convinced they can make it. She's not ready for a costar who likes her and a jealous boyfriend.

She and Austin keep missing phone calls and thus stop sharing details. Kaitlyn has enough on her mind trying to get ready for a live audience, a snarky costar, adjusting to a new city, and a media fight with two former friends.

As Kaitlyn explores the city, she can't help but wonder why her relationship is falling apart. Nor can she help wonder about the future. There's a great pilot she read, but it might mean working with Sky again. With Sky, in the city for work, they've moved towards friendship. Could she risk it all by attempting to work with her again? All she knows is she's not letting the future scare her anymore and she's ready to take back control of her life.

My Thoughts: Love this series - its fun, flirty, and even though it's about Hollywood, Kaitlyn is a down-to-earth girl adjusting to life's curve balls

Cover: My 2nd favorite in the series

Source: My Library

Sad Fact: This is the 2nd to last book in the series. The last book comes out in Mach 2011

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