Friday, April 30, 2010

Review: City of Bones

Clary's life is far from normal, and she's just discovering a new world. After a fight with her mother, she comes home to find their apartment trashed, her mother gone, and a demon waiting for her. After a vicious fight, she barely escapes with her life. A boy helps her and guides her to safety - The Institute - where they can gather information. Clary has no idea what to expect, but she doesn't expect to hear that demons are real creatures and someone very bad has captured her mother. Clary knows one thing, she's not about to sit back and do nothing. She needs to find her mother.

Before long, she's uncovering hidden truths to her past, double crossings upon double crossing, more monsters than she thought possible, and potentially fallen in love. Will she figure out how to get back her mother without dying or getting her new friends killed in the process?

My Thoughts: An interesting start to a very intriguing series. After hearing raves about this book, I decided I needed to read it. I was hooked. I liked the demons and the secrets and the double crossings. Reading this book was like trying to peel an onion, so many fabulous layers. I can't wait to see what happens next.

The Cover: Cool

Source: my Library

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Anonymous said...

I see this around a lot. I should have purchased this when I was book shopping today.