Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Sleeping with Anemone

Abby get herself noticed by the bigwigs at the company she's protesting against their use of hormones. At first, they attempt to scare her off, but soon matters escalate. A brick sails through her window at her flower shop with a warning attached. Next, in cases of mistaken identity, someone kidnap three people close to her in an attempt to grab her.

Her whole family is freaked out, but Marco's there protecting her every inch of the way. He's not letting her out of his sight unless someone else is with her. While she loves spending time with her boyfriend, almost finance, she hates the loss of her independence. With this forced time together make her second guess her choice of men? Can she discover why the bigwigs are still after her when she's ceased speaking out against their company before something deadly happens?

My Thoughts: This is the Ninth book in the Flower Shop mystery series (Mum's the Word is the first one) - still fresh, cute, and enjoyable. I love Abby's feisty spirit and her stubborn streak. Add in one crazy family, sweet co-workers, and a lovable roommate to this blend of fun, danger, and romance.

The 10th book - Dirty Rotten Tendrils comes out in October

Fun Fact: Kate Collins has a section on her website entitled What Abby Doesn't Know - fun details about other characters.

The Cover: Cute and perfect for Spring

Source: My Library


Kate Collins said...

Thanks for the great review. I often wish I could be more like Abby -- fearless and feisty. (I've already got the freckles.)

Jessica said...

This series sounds fun...and what a cute title! I'm always giggling when I see titles like that. FUN.

Paper Mom said...

Hey There,
I love the new blog makeover! Looks sharp!