Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Family Affairs

Kaitlyn Burke just wrapped up her summer movie which included her co-star Sky - her nemesis. She's headed back to her day job - the popular drama Family Affairs. This season a new character appears for a story arc. While Alexis seems friendly, nice, and charming, there's something a little off. Sky makes her feelings known to Kaitlyn, Alexis is out to steal their jobs and make them look bad. at first Kaitlyn dismisses Sky's idea, but she vows to take a closer look at her co-star.

The new "IT" girl seems to be making splashes wherever she goes. She's talking up Kaitlyn's boyfriend and making diva demands one minute and then becomes a demure newbie the next.

Will Alexis push Kaitlyn over the edge and drag down the family drama?

My Thoughts: This is the 3rd book in the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series and I adore them. I devour these books that contain drama, Hollywood secrets, romance, friendship issues, and work.

The Cover: I like the diary concept, but overall, I'm not crazy about them

The Source: My Library

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