Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Town in a Blueberry Jam

Candy attends the 41st Berry Festival in her sleepy Maine town where she sells all things blueberry made from the blueberry she owns with her father. She attends the Blueberry pageant with her friend (who's daughter could become Queen this year) only to find it a most entertaining program.

While usually contestants are in high school, this year social gossip Sapphire Vine enters. When she wins the pageant, everyone is surprised - but more so when she turns up murdered in her own home.

When a friend gets accused of murder, Candy knows he couldn't possible have committed the crime. Now she's off to prove what really happened that night.

Breaking and entering, interviewing towns people, and taking over Sapphire Vine's job to search for clues help get Candy started in her investigation. She's just hoping she can prove the police wrong before something happens to her.

My Thoughts: An adorable first book in a new series complete with small town charm

The Cover: Cute - I love the sleepy town look, just perfect

Source: My Library

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lismox said...

I love the posters. Did you need to get any kind of permission first?