Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: Home Sweet Drama

Sasha's still dealing with the fallout from her birthday party and trying to put her relationship back to normal with Paige all while dealing with Homecoming. Sasha wants nothing to do with homecoming, but since she's nominated for the court, she must attend events.

Paige, on the other hand, can't stop talking about homecoming. It seems as though Heather is the only other person not interested in homecoming. When Sasha needs a break from all the chatter, she can always talk to Heather. The two are surprisingly becoming friends...or sort of friends.

Heather's the only one who knows the truth about Jacob and Eric. Sasha can't deny her feelings any longer, but she tries hard not to look at him, talk to him, or even think about him too much. Paige keeps wanting to know the truth and the secrets Sasha is keeping could be ruining their friendship.

Will Sasha and Paige's friendship return to normal before their vacation together? Can Sasha and Heather survive homecoming without major incidents? Will Sasha attempt to patch up her relationship with Callie?

My Thoughts: Still awesome - love this series, it's addicting.

Cover: Still adorable - love them all

Source: My Library

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