Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review: Charmed and Dangerous

In the days before the Pretty Committee, life wasn't good for it's members but one New Year's Eve everything came together:

Massie Block was stuck in a clique whose leader had no interest in her ideas and she was getting mighty tired of being shot down all the time. Massie knew she's make a great alpha, if only someone gave her the chance. At a rocking party, she meets with a psychic who mentions, "When all five pieces are together, you will reach your full potential as a leader." All she has to do is wait for it to happen.

Alicia can't wait to dance in front of millions at the biggest New Year's Eve party, but she might not get the chance. First her co-dancer becomes ill. Second she might be able to convince someone to take her place, but will it mean giving up something she truly loves? Will the spotlight be hers to claim or will she go down in shame?

Dylan isn't interested in being part of the New Year's Eve show, but on her mother's orders gets ready. First she meets this girl who tells Dylan her outfit is all wrong. Then she meets these two cute boys who teach her how to burp. But then when it's her turn on TV, something goes drastically wrong. Can she save face?

Kristen's stuck co-babysitting with her horrific cousin. She can't seem to do anything right or anything right at all. She's tired of spending all her time studying. Yes, she goes to school on a scholarship but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve to have fun. When the parents come home early, she has one chance to make her dreams come true.

Meanwhile in Orlando...

Claire's having a sleepover with her best friends when they hear a radio contest. To her good fortune, she wins a limo ride to a party and to be kissed by rock stars. She can't wait for her first kiss, but first she and her friends have to sneak past her babysitter and into the limo.

My Thoughts: I really liked seeing how the Clique came together and each girl in her life before the Pretty Committee. I adored the charm aspect.

The Cover: Adorable , but I think I would have liked to see them previous to the Pretty Committee and not as they are now.

The Source: my Library

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