Friday, April 2, 2010

Review: Allie Finkle

Allie has to make a choice: attend a glamorous birthday party for a girl at her old school that she doesn't like, but her mother already accepted the invitation or hang out with her best friends at a twirling competition. Allie wants to do both, but since she has to choose, she needs to make up a lie so she doesn't hurt her best friends' feelings when she chooses the party instead. Only once the day arrives, she sees her best friends piling into the van without her and she thinks she might have made the wrong choice. Then the limo comes to take her and the other party girls into the city. Allie loves the limo and all the candy inside, but her ex best friend is there, sucking up to the birthday girl who's just plain mean. Allie isn't sure she wants to be with girls who are not her friends, but she's still excited about the party. When the birthday girl becomes a mean girl, Allie looks for an excuse to escape. Will her friends forgive her for choosing the wrong party?

My Thoughts: This is the 5th Allie Finkle book -with a fun refreshing and creative main character, Allie shines bright with her quirks and rules. Plus, it's awesome that younger readers can also experience Meg Cabot

The Cover: Cute and expresses Allie's style

Source: My Library

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