Monday, March 15, 2010

Keeper of the Grail

Tristan doesn't know much about his past. He's been living with monks when a group of the Knights Templar request accommodations. He's asked to become a squire for Sir Thomas, a highly respected knight. However, he's also made a powerful enemy in Sir Hugh. After much decision, Tristan agrees to accompany the knights to Dover and from there to the Holy Lands where they will take part in the Crusade with king Richard the Lionhearted.

Tristan learns how to defend himself as well as some tactical lessons. He's also learned not to say alone often as trouble follows him. He doesn't mind the hard work preparing for the trip. When they arrive in the Holy Land, things change and the battles begin. He learns that practicing and battles are entirely two completely opposite in terms of emotion, danger, and fear.

In a defensive move, when their fort is almost defeated, Sir Thomas hands Tristan the most powerful object in the world and makes him swear to take it back to England at all costs and above all to trust no one. Everyone wants the Holy Grail. Can Tristan get safety back or will trouble follow him still?

My Thoughts: A great start to a new series that's half historical fiction and half adventure. A fabulous read! The end left me a huge cliff hanger and now I'm anxious to find out what happened! Plus, I love knights and the Holy Grail.

The Cover: Intriguing and knightly. I really like it.

Source: My Library (I sadly bought the second book first and then had to wait until I ordered the first book to start the series)


Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Oh WOW! Sounds like its right up my alley! Thanks for reveiewing it!!

I'm sooooo going out this weekend to buy it :D

♥ Vanessa ♥

Jessica said...

I read this one a while ago on a recommendation from a friend and like you, I really liked it! It was fun, full of adventure, and totally fulfilled my knightly needs! Gonna read book 2 eventually...