Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review from Viper's Nest

Dan and Amy just barely escaped from a deadly fire that killed their adversary, who in a strange turn of events died saving their lives. Now, they're on the run again trying to escape from everyone while chasing another clue in South Africa. They're on a mission to research Shaka Zulu and unravel the man from the myth, plus discover his final resting place. Once again, the search leads them into the hands of Grace's old friends, who offer advice and more puzzles to unravel. Will they find the next clue before their opposition finds them?

My Thoughts: The seventh book in the addicting action-adventure series, THE VIPER'S NEST uncovers a huge secret that raises additional questions. I can't wait to read about what happens to Amy and Dan next.

The Cover: Addicting as the books themselves, it makes me very curious

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Jessica said...

I gobble these up as soon as they come out! This one was especially good....can't wait for book 8!