Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spotted: Spy Glass

Here's the cover for Maria V. Snyder's Spy Glass
It's out in September - can't wait to read this conclusion!
BUT she'll be at BEA this May (not sure if this is the book she'll be signing, but I might have to schedule my day there around the signing as I would LOVE to meet her)


La Coccinelle said...

This cover is really nice. Makes me glad I recently ordered the first book in the series. I want to see what everyone is raving about!

Shweta said...

As much as I like this cover I feel the UK version of the cover of SPy Glass is more attractive. Have you seen those covers?

It's so good that you might get to meet Maria ..I wish I could go there:)

Jessica said...

OH my god! So excited to read this, especially after having seen the cover...and I would love to see Maria at BEA? Are you going on the Wed?

Anonymous said...

SUCH a gorgeous color -- thanks for sharing it with me!