Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review for Firespell

Lily’s parents just broke the news that they’re taking a two-year sabbatical in Munich, Germany - and that she’s not invited. Immediately, Lily has visions of staying with Ashley while going through the SATs, college application process, and the prom. Her daydream fades as her mom breaks the news about a boarding school in Chicago. The first day at St. Sophia’s raises questions for Lily. She’s so unsure why she’s enrolled. Most girls have been coming here for years. She does connect with one of her suite mates, who could be her new best friend. But Scout has a secret, and it involves sneaking off until the middle of the night.

Scout’s not about to fill Lily in just yet, so unable to hide her curiosity, Lily follows her one night down into the depths of the school in a maze of twists and turns. She stays behind a locked doorway until she hears Scout on the other side. Lily has tons more questions that Scout refuses to answer in order to keep her safe.

Trouble follows Lily around, and before long she falls victim to a prank and ends up locked in a room in the basement. By the time she figures out how to unlock the door, she runs into Scout and two boys running for their lives. Together, they race for the door to escape, but Lily get hit with magic and goes down. She wakes up in a hospital and forces Scout to spill the secret. Once she finds out, she wishes she didn’t know quite so much.

My Thoughts:
Chloe Neill starts off her YA debut with a bang and never looks back. The mysterious school, bratty classmates, secret societies, and one best friend combine together to make an awesome start to a new paranormal series.

I gave it the:

Cover Thoughts: It's cute and eye catching, but I'm not sure I get it.

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Jessica said...

I liked this one too! I really love her "Chicagoland Vampires" series more, but this was a fun start to the series and I'll definitely read the next one.