Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Hard to Get

Val thought she had the perfect boyfriend - until she found him with another girl. Now she's suddenly single for the first time since 8th grade. Boys are coming out of the woodwork to date her, filling her phone with text messages and her locker with gifts. At first, she finds all the attention strange, but soon it gets annoying. Val decides to swear off boys, a declaration her friends find amusing. They make a bet to see if she can go a month without dating or even flirting with a boy.

She readily agrees as she's not remotely interested in dating any of the boys from school. Plus she wants time to herself. Then she meets Adam, who is completely the opposite from her type of boys. Yet she can't stop thinking about him. Could he cause her to break the bet?

My Thoughts: A cute and funny book, although I wonder if the gifts in the locker/texts would ever happen. Still, I liked Val and I really liked Adam. A fun addition to the Romantic Comedies.

The Cover: Cute as they always are

Source: My Library.

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S said...

That's what I need: a boy break.
I think I need to read this...