Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Picture Book Wednesday: Valentine's Books (3)

Just a few fun new Valentine books and books about love that have arrived at the library. These books make great gifts!

Only one more night until Valentine's Day. I love how this book shared handmade valentines and spread joy to everyone. Such a kind message to share!

Puppy needs a hug, but who will hug her?
This is a cute story about different types of animals. The tabs are cute (not sure how they will hold up in the library setting) and they work on different pages.

Not everyone likes hugs and kisses...sometimes ROARS are better! What do you love instead?
Great message here and of course, it's fun to roar.

* book sent for review

Lots of love here and cute dinosaurs will make this a popular one.

Love of funny ways to love in this book.
 Perfect for a storytime sharing!

Cute story about the body, kisses, and love. Perfect for babies. 
This is a lift the flap book (so maybe not great for libraries) and it has a mirror. 

* book sent for review

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