Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Picture Book Wednesday: Valentine Books (2)


Just a few fun new Valentine books that have arrived at the library

Sidekicks send their favorite villains viallaintines to show how much they love them. 

This fun rhyming book shows off handmade valentines in a clever way.

Victoria loves the slime she created - but she realizes that she has many friends and Goop only has her. She sets about making things right...with more slime. 

A fun STEAM valentine read about friendship also includes a few slime recipes.

Mrs. Hartwell is planning the perfect party for her students - but it doesn't work out quite the way she expected. But the students already know how much she cares for them.

A good reminder that things don't always work out the way we expect - and that's just fine.

Violet wants to give Mira a Valentine, but every time she gets close to Mira, she can't speak. Disaster strikes. But not for long.

This is a sweet story about how it's not always easy to share your feelings. 

Mia loves Valentine's Day and her family always makes the day extra special. With so many brothers and sisters, it's easy to be overlooked. She helps her mother make the day special for everyone else - but who remembers about her?

A sweet story about family, love, and sharing all that you have.

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