Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Picture Book Wednesday: Black Joy Picture Books


Yes, it is Black History Month where we showcase books about Black children but share these all year round. 

I talked about historical books last week. And this week I'm sharing books about Black Joy that celebrate their culture and heritage. 

Twins, Ava and Alexis are putting on a fashion show. But they have different ideas of fashion...

A fun book about being the same but different, fashion influences, and the power of a pinky promise. 

Parker is back! (And she also has some JR books too!) Parker is taking dance classes and she loves it. But it's not all fun, it's hard work too. She has to practice lots, especially before the recital. Sometimes practice means missing out on things with her siblings.

I love the Parker books. This one has a couple great messages about working work, practicing, believing in yourself, the power of family, and being a good friend.

One day after being stuck inside, a sister and brother listen to the advice from their grandmother. And their whole world changes. Lift your arms, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and believe in a thing.

This is a companion picture book to The Day You Begin (which is in this book as an Easter Egg). I love how the siblings discover new things and share knowledge. The illustrations here are gorgeous. 

Daddies share their love in language of playing and learning together. They share knowledge through their heroes, and they share their dreams.

A fantastic family book celebrating Dads and all that they do. Perfect also for Father's Day. 

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