Monday, February 7, 2022

Review: On a Night Like This


Fran's life isn't anything she thought it would be. Right now, she's looking for work as an assistant. But she's not interested in traveling. But when an opportunity of a lifetime comes along, she takes it. It's a one week job with great pay. When she tries to talk about it with her finance, he comes home late and leaves early the next morning.
She leaves for London without saying goodbye. Fran doesn't realize how much this one week will change her life. Although she assumed the position would be in London, she will actually be staying on a yacht, headed to the more exclusive celebrity party.

Just when she thinks, she has a handle on everything - her world changes. Fran's not sure what to do now, but a new friend suggests she attend the party. Embolden by her terrible recent luck, Fran sneaks into the party. And she meets Evan.

Everything has led her to this one moment - this one magical night. But what happens next?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I liked the first half where Fran worked for a celebrity - that was really interesting and a little eye opening. I admired her determination and her hard work ethics. I felt terrible for her but impressed she went to the ball. The ball was entertaining, and I like her time with Evan, her time speaking her mind, and exploring the ball. That would be a fun ball to write - from the tarot cards to the security to the fireworks. I like how everything ended up. But I didn't want to the book to end. Maybe there's a companion novel for Juliette???

Cover Thoughts: Charming
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Library Recommendation: A great addition to your public library's romance collection - highly recommended.

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