Wednesday, October 20, 2021

More Halloween Picture Books


Nothing goes right on Crankenstein's favorite day of the year...until it does.

A Halloween tale that will generate empathy over a bad day during all the Halloween fun

This bad seed is upset that none of his costume ideas worked out. What if he could postpone the holiday until he has more time for a better costume?

Another book about empathy and feeling the pressure of holidays - when you just need to be yourself. 

If you're a dinosaur fan - this is a great mash-up of Halloween fun and dinosaurs.

Pumpkins turn into Pumpkin Heads on Halloween night - and each other is a little bit different. 

Lots of different faces in this book. 

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Tee said...

The Good The Bad and The Spooky is a favorite this season of ours. We love all the Good Seed books