Thursday, October 14, 2021

Christmas Book Review: Royal Christmas Fairy Tale

Kaylie's not a huge fan of Christmas. Her family celebrates after the holidays and they don't make a big to-do over it. Her sister can't usually get time off and she's happy to volunteer to work so her co-workers with children can spend the day at home.  But changes are coming to the news station where Kaylie works. She's been hoping for her own investigative news program, but instead, she hears the network is under new ownership and her job's been eliminated. 

Stunned, she takes on a freelance assignment her previous boss volunteered her for - without knowing all the details of the story. She's sent to a small county in Europe for Christmas. When she arrives, Kaylie learns she's being hired to write a Christmas Fairy Tale for the princess who's mother died and needs to regain her Christmas spirit.

Kaylie isn't sure she's the best person for the job. She's an investigative journalist not a storyteller. To make matters worse, the princess's father isn't thrilled she's there. The family has a long terrible history with the press. But the Queen stands firm. She knows her son and her granddaughter need to be reminded of the joys of Christmas. She overrules her son, forcing him to show Kaylie their traditions. Soon, they both rediscover some joy in celebrating Christmas - and spending time with each other. 
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I loved the moments between Kaylie and Princess Anna. I also loved the banter between the Prince and Kaylie - when they teased each other, when they made a mess in the kitchen, and when they are with the Princess. I loved the Princess's dog Blitzen - he was adorable. I did enjoy the moments between Princess Anna and her father. They were sweet. Of course, Christmas is hard for both of them missing their wife/mother (especially since she loved Christmas.)  I loved the painting moment between Princess Anna and Kaylie - and how that worked out. I really did enjoy the Queen and how she made everything happen for her family. She wanted a modern world and a traditional one - I think she made it work really nicely. 

A few things I didn't love because they were brought up too many times:
1. too many journalist/Prince moments. 
2. Kaylie's belief that she wasn't the right person for the Fairy Tale job.

I felt cheated that readers didn't get to read the Fairy Tale that Kaylie wrote.

But overall, I really enjoyed this story. It read like a Hallmark movie - which made me really happy. 

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: NetGalley 
Fun Fact: This book is written by the author of the Netflix movie The Christmas Prince

Library Recommendation: A fun Christmas romance - perfect for your collection. Hand this out to those who love Hallmark Christmas movies. 

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