Monday, October 25, 2021

Review: Dating Playbook


* Book 2 in the Boyfriend Playbook trilogy *

Taylor's personal training business needs serious help. She's amazing at her job, but thanks to a few bad choices, the bills are piling up. Taylor needs a solution and fast.

Luck just might be on her side. Former NFL player Jamar Dixon left professional football due to an injury. He's interested in making a comeback. He hires Taylor to help him get back into shape - if Taylor will keep his plan a secret. Taylor agrees if Jamar will publicly support her business once he makes the team.

What starts off as a business deal quickly becomes complicated when a reporter asks Jamar a tough question. Taylor steps in and tells the world they are dating. Now, they have to fake date and keep their training private. 

It's not hard to fake date a former professional athlete - but it does require a certain amount of skill.
My Thoughts: I loved the Boyfriend Project, so I was really happy to read this one. I loved how the women met in the first book - well, mostly how they stayed friends and kept each other accountable for their goals. I love learning more about Taylor. I enjoyed her fitness tips and her energy. I liked her moments with Jamar - the banter and the getting to know each other. Fake dating is a favorite trope of mine. I'm so looking forward to London's story!

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A must have trilogy for your library's romance collection.

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