Saturday, October 30, 2021

Graphic Novel Review: Friends Forever

* Book 3 in the Friends series *

Shannon's in 8th grade and now has a solid group of friends. But she's still anxious and insecure. Shannon's figuring out how to be happy, how to be herself, and how to feel "normal."

My Thoughts: I adore this series - it's so thought provoking. Because Shannon goes through tough times. Middle school really is the worst. There are SO many feelings in middle school.  Friendship drama is so hard. Feeling insecure is terrible. It's hard figuring out boys. This book is heart wrenching and sad but also hopeful. I hope that this series continues through high school.

And this illustrations are amazingly good.

Cover Thoughts: Adorable
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: This is a must have series for your school and public libraries.

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