Friday, October 8, 2021

Review: Summer Seekers


One summer changes everything for three women.

One woman (Kathleen) has an intruder enter the house. Instead of scaring her, it emboldens her. She's always wanted to take a trip - cruising down Route 66. She decides to go for it. She's not getting any younger. She doesn't connect well with her daughter. But maybe the can kind some common ground. 

One woman (Martha) volunteers to be her driver. She needs to get out of her house for the summer. She understands how to drive but isn't comfortable with it...yet. Plus, she's never been to American before. She might be running away...or she might just find herself. 

One woman, Kathleen's daughter, is raising teenage daughters, but she has no balance in her life. There is no time carved out for herself. Everything revolves around her children and her husband and their needs. Until one day, her anniversary, when she snaps. She packs up her things and drives to her mother's empty house where she takes time to recharge and figure out what she wants out of life. 
My Thoughts: Three females - three different perspectives. I really got sucked into the lives of these women. I hated ending a chapter and moving on to the next woman - but then I hate leaving her story too. Even though the stories were so connected, I always wanted more. I loved the different perspectives and the different ages - each female had her own issues to sort through. And each of them helped each other and supported each other. I loved learning more about each other - and their problems. But also how they grew and solved those problems. There was So much about family and friendship and self-worth. And the ending was great. 

Also I loved the moments with the rock star - especially those moment with the fans. It added humor and lightheartedness to the story.

Cover Thoughts: I love it - especially the car
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A fantastic women's fiction story for your collection - highly recommended.

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