Friday, October 29, 2021

Review: Off the Record


Josie is a writer - a really good one. She's been a journalist for years, but now she's won an amazing competition. She's going to follow the press tour for a big blockbuster movie and write a celebrity profile on the young movie star. 

Josie's really excited about this opportunity. She gets to travel to big cities and meet movie stars. What could be better?

Than one of the movie stars tells her a secret. A big secret. A secret that she wants Josie to write about. At first, Josie is not sure. But the more she thinks about it and the more she hears, she wants to help. There's a director in Hollywood who is preying on young women. They can't speak up alone, but with Josie's help, they just might be able to expose them. Josie's not sure she's the best person to write the article. But she definitely wants justice for these young people.
My Thoughts: I really loved this powerful #MeToo novel, I love books about Hollywood and this one had a slightly different take than the usual books. But it was a great take. I loved Josie - from her writing abilities to her determination to her interview questions. I loved her moments with Marcus. I enjoyed their getting to know each other. But I also loved Josie questioning his morals - even though that went sideways on her. I loved her moments with actresses. I loved the ending and how everything worked out - lots of anxious moments there. A fantastic feminist read. 

Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source My library
Library Recommendation: A must have for school and public library collections.

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